Colloidal Silver for Pnuemonia, Flu and Colds - Humidifier and Diffuser Methods

Last winter my nebulizer with Colloidal Silver saved my life from a terrible pneumonia & chest colds.

This fall the wife and I are already suffering once again from terrible chest colds, so I'm trying something new this year. I bought a new Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier from Amazon.Com, only $59. It holds a gallon of Colloidal Silver , and it runs for 2 nights on 1 gallon.

 The results are excellent, the wife & my lungs clear up nicely in the mornings after breathing the mist all night. The wife HATES using the nebulizer so this humidifier is ideal.

My new Silvertron Elite generator can make 1 gallon of 20ppm every day at the touch of a button.

I will have no trouble running my Cool Mist Humidifier every night this winter, if needed.  The Silvertron is Quite Expensive.  

There are several brands of colloidal silver generators that can make 1 gallon or more colloidal silver daily, all listed here:  http://tinyurl.com/silver-generators
The ones listed below are a little more reasonable.

Now for my experimentation, I went with a diffuser from Now.  Very reasonable priced at $39.99.  

I pre-bought ionic silver which is 10,000 times stronger than regular colloidal silver and so I used 1/4 of the ionic silver and the rest spring water.  Placed it in my diffuser and turned it on for 3 hours.  

The room was filled with the colloidal silver healing and wow slept like a baby.  While I am not sick, I was super impressed.  I placed it 18 inches away from my bed and so the need for a big humidifier was not necessary.


There are several testimonies on this process.  Most ran the humidifiers for 24 hours using 1 gallon colloidal silver without water.  Grizz use his with water and it lasted 2 days.  Now they put the generators in a living room which you figure is large size.  

To me it makes more sense to use a diffuser beside your bed.  A gallon on purchase colloidal silver or ionic silver is quite expensive.

The people remarking on this experiement owned their own generators though.  The second testimony owned a Silvergen SG6 - Priced at $229 and above - here

You can purchase ionic silver here;