How to Make Your Own Ionic Silver For Pennies on the Dollar

Make your own Ionic Silver for pennies on the dollar…. Absurdly easy
The secret to making perfect ionic silver is to match the current in milliamps to the size of your silver Anode (+ electrode), by using a current limiting diode. Details below.

The basic goal in 5 steps:
  • Any DC power supply 24 volts to 48 volts ( even 3-9 volt batteries in series ) Amazon.Com has 24 volt pwer cubes bargains.
  • A timer & relay to reverse voltage polarity every 5 minutes (optional). Not needed if you use stainless steel for the Cathode (-) and a 1 oz Silver Bar for the Anode (+).
  • A current limiting diode to regulate current to 1.4 Milliamp or more
  • Silver wires or strips #10 gauge or larger
  • Distilled water
IMO, the following are the Best of Esstee. See this link for all of his expert messages:

Important Formulas:
1ppm = 1mg of Silver per Liter of solution
#12 AWG Silver Wire Current Calculation  Example by Estee

Supplier for pure silver wire, bars & strips
Cheap Silver Wire at Amazon.Com Link

HVAC (High Voltage AC) Silver vs LVDC (Low Voltage DC) Silver by Estee

Controlling the Current for tiny particle size
Current Limiting Diodes by Esstee
Diodes from Amazon.Com  Link
Where to buy the Diode by Esstee http://www.curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=2258964#i
Data Sheets for Diodes -
Current Rating of Generator by Esstee
The current rating is proportionate to your electrode size. More specifically your Anode(positive electrode). And the rule of thumb on this is typically 1mAh per/sq. inch of wetted electrode.
Grizz-My experience is that a 2 milliamp current limiting diode is perfect regardless of how large the silver Anode is. Less current = smaller ion size and takes longer to finish.

Problems when making Colloidal Silver

Color of the CS

How to Measure Your Colloidal Silver:
Hanna PWT meter to measure PPM - How to measure PPM. Correction factor = Multiply the reading by 1.2 and deduct the reading for the distilled water being used.
TDS Meters are not accurate to measure colloidal silver

PPM Overview
1 nanometer = .001 microns   
5 nanometers = .005 microns
15 nanometers = .015 microns  
100 nanometers =.1 microns
Bacteria 4 to 15 Microns
Virus = .01 Micron
Desired Ion/Particle Size = .0008 (0.8 nm) to .005 (5 nm)  Microns

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