Review of the Best Digital Ionic Silver Generator on the Market

Silvertron Elite -  ✰  ✰  ✰ - Review by Grizz
1 cup to 1 Gal ( 4 Litres ) fully adjustable, digital readout:
My Review:
This Generator was “Love at 1st Sight.” This digital generator is Premium, TOP SHELF and does it all at the touch of a few buttons. Makes excellent Ionic Silver 1st time, every time. Manual also details exactly how to convert ionic silver into Particle (True Colloidal) Silver. The Silvertron Support Forum is excellent for rapid Tech Support with documented help on a wide variety of questions.  Includes silver wires or optional 1 oz silver bar.  We get a LOT for our money !  I discovered that it tests the water to be pure before starting, and it won’t start if the water is contaminated.

It is more expensive than most, but I look at this as a great investment for free colloidal silver for family & friends  - for life . . . .The 1st 2 gallons that I made more than paid for this excellent generator.  Grizz

Any questions? Ask your questions at my Curezone review:  

    Power 117vac to  9 vdc Power cube, then converted into 28 volts DC to the electrodes
    Silver wire 12 gauge x 6” or optional 1 oz silver bar
Automatic Shutoff & fully adjustable from 20ppm to 320ppm
  • Ma (current): 1 to 15 in 1 mA steps, allows optimal current for the size of the positive electrode (anode).
  • PPM Settings : 20, 30, 40, 80, 100, 160, 240, 320
  • Water Amount Settings: 1 Cup, 1 Pint, 1 Pint Mason Jar, 1 Qt, 1 Qt Mason Jar, 2 Qt, 1 Gal  - - -  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 2 L, 4 L.
  • Alert Tone when done: Off, Short, Long
  • Digital Readout with memory holds last settings, even after power off.
  • While running, it displays voltage & current to the electrodes !
  • Displays a progress bar
  • Can make Ionic Silver (clear) with instructions to convert Ionic into silver particles (True Colloidal Silver )
  • “Can make 1 quart of true colloidal silver (silver nanoparticles) in 60 minutes with the standard electrodes provided. For those wanting faster production, 1 quart can be made in 20 minutes with the optional 1 ounce bar
  • Magnetic Stirrer with hotplate is recommended - Link - Hanna Stirrers
Details & Reviews - Link
Manual - Link    

    Store & prices: http://www.silvertronstore.com/
    Support Forum - https://www.cgcsforum.com/  (Excellent)
Price:  $319.85 for the Digital and $139.85 for the manual one.
 Customer Testimonials:
Lewis Reviews his Elite & experiments reducing ionic CS to metallic silver

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