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Review of the Best Digital Ionic Silver Generator on the Market

Silvertron Elite -  ✰  ✰  ✰ - Review by Grizz
1 cup to 1 Gal ( 4 Litres ) fully adjustable, digital readout:
My Review:
This Generator was “Love at 1st Sight.” This digital generator is Premium, TOP SHELF and does it all at the touch of a few buttons. Makes excellent Ionic Silver 1st time, every time. Manual also details exactly how to convert ionic silver into Particle (True Colloidal) Silver. The Silvertron Support Forum is excellent for rapid Tech Support with documented help on a wide variety of questions.  Includes silver wires or optional 1 oz silver bar.  We get a LOT for our money !  I discovered that it tests the water to be pure before starting, and it won’t start if the water is contaminated.

It is more expensive than most, but I look at this as a great investment for free colloidal silver for family & friends  - for life . . . .The 1st 2 gallons that I made more than paid for this excellent generator.  Grizz

Any questions? Ask your questions at my Curezone review:  

    Power 117vac to  9 vdc Power cube, then converted into 28 volts DC to the electrodes
    Silver wire 12 gauge x 6” or optional 1 oz silver bar
Automatic Shutoff & fully adjustable from 20ppm to 320ppm
  • Ma (current): 1 to 15 in 1 mA steps, allows optimal current for the size of the positive electrode (anode).
  • PPM Settings : 20, 30, 40, 80, 100, 160, 240, 320
  • Water Amount Settings: 1 Cup, 1 Pint, 1 Pint Mason Jar, 1 Qt, 1 Qt Mason Jar, 2 Qt, 1 Gal  - - -  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 2 L, 4 L.
  • Alert Tone when done: Off, Short, Long
  • Digital Readout with memory holds last settings, even after power off.
  • While running, it displays voltage & current to the electrodes !
  • Displays a progress bar
  • Can make Ionic Silver (clear) with instructions to convert Ionic into silver particles (True Colloidal Silver )
  • “Can make 1 quart of true colloidal silver (silver nanoparticles) in 60 minutes with the standard electrodes provided. For those wanting faster production, 1 quart can be made in 20 minutes with the optional 1 ounce bar
  • Magnetic Stirrer with hotplate is recommended - Link - Hanna Stirrers
Details & Reviews - Link
Manual - Link    

    Store & prices: http://www.silvertronstore.com/
    Support Forum - https://www.cgcsforum.com/  (Excellent)
Price:  $319.85 for the Digital and $139.85 for the manual one.
 Customer Testimonials:
Lewis Reviews his Elite & experiments reducing ionic CS to metallic silver

Did You Know Ionic Silver is 10,000 times More Effective than the Particle Kind?

Amazing new information is being released that our old ways of thinking are out concerning Colloidal Silver.  You will also see this bottle of ionic silver raising in price now the facts are out. With the help of the author Grizz from Curezone, I am pleased to present the facts to you.

See Link Below to Purchase
In view of Steve Barwick's research on Metalloproteins:
which states that Metalloproteins carry ionic silver INTO our cells and and that particle silver is not,

Then it is clear that we have 2 distinctly different forms of popular Colloidal Silver :
1) Mostly Ionic Silver
2) Mostly Particle Silver

Also in view of our expert Esstee, Top Rated Mesosilver brand of Particle Silver was totally ineffective for his bone infection, where ionic silver was a miracle:
I have this research which supports Esstee's testimonial:

In the past MesoSilver was rated the very best Colloidal Silver to purchase and these findings now find that this is not true at all.

Therefore, it seems to me that ionic silver is best to use in some health problems and particle silver may be best in other health situations.

I can ASSUME from this evidence that ionic silver is best for virus related problems because metalloproteins carry ions Into our cells and that particle silver is best for bacterial & fungus related problems because it is not necessary to get inside our cells.

He goes on to state, " When I read your testimonial on Particle Silver vs Ionic Silver, my head nearly exploded! And Mesosilver at that really blew me away. And I just can't dismiss what you said because we all know how meticulous and thorough you are.

"18 ozs of Mesosilver Particle Silver a day did nothing while 2 ozs of ionic silver worked it's miracle (almost immediately) ! ! !"

Esstee's reponse --  That said, I have been privileged to have taken part in some rather exciting CS research over the course of the years. Which in turn, provided me with the opportunity to acquire some very helpful knowledge in the field of electrochemistry.

Beyond this, I'd add that my knowledge on the Science and biological reactions associated with Colloidal Silver in humans is quite limited. Though my observation has been, that the Ionic silver solutions have proven to be consistently superior to the particulate solutions in all aspects of use. Whether this was internal external(eye drops on our cat for example), or used internally, to treat flu's, colds and infections. Whereas the particulate solutions did not appear to be as effective and in some case not at all.

And while I have not verifiable data to offer, I'd add that my best guess is that this is likely due in part to the inherent characteristics and advantages that come with the ionic compounds, in contrast to the elemental solutions.

As for whether or not there are applications where elemental silver solutions are advantageous, I cannot say with any measure of conviction beyond what I've seen. Though the lab testing conducted by Mesosilver appears to indicate that the inherent differences between both solutions is negligible at best.

PS. I've been using my own CS solution as a conductivity primer for zapping(on wrists) for over four years, and on a daily basis, with very good success.

Grizz states to Esstee - -  Here is the answer I found for your astounding testimonial:
"With or without the HCl (stomach acid) mixture added, the Staphylococcus cultures (both S-1 and S-2) on the plates were virtually eradicated in just four minutes when treated with ionic silver. But the culture plates treated with the so-called “true colloid” particulate silver showed only a slight reduction in the bacterial count! ..... Laboratory tests conducted since that time have demonstrated that the ionic form of Colloidal Silver is up to 10,000 times more effective than the particulate form. "

Poster Viaragi Confirms also, " You are confirmed by this very nice report by Dr. Slavin at SilverFacts.Com


Where he states that ONLY Silver Ions have any effect on killing pathogens. More evidence that Ionic Silver is the very best, once again confirming Steve Barwick's Metalloprotein research.

Everything we are coming up with seems to say that particle silver such as MesoSilver is useless, confirming Esstee's SHOCKING Testimonial.

What Brands are Ionic Silver

 Ionic Silver Products
Argentine 23 for Doctors
Advanced Ionic Silver
Silver Hydrosol
Good State Ionic Silver
Invision Silver Optisilver 100 - Theory

Iherb sells to foreign addresses and you can search here for Ionic Silvers  Use code PKC078 and save $5 off of first order.

How to Make Your Own Ionic Silver For Pennies on the Dollar

Make your own Ionic Silver for pennies on the dollar…. Absurdly easy
The secret to making perfect ionic silver is to match the current in milliamps to the size of your silver Anode (+ electrode), by using a current limiting diode. Details below.

The basic goal in 5 steps:
  • Any DC power supply 24 volts to 48 volts ( even 3-9 volt batteries in series ) Amazon.Com has 24 volt pwer cubes bargains.
  • A timer & relay to reverse voltage polarity every 5 minutes (optional). Not needed if you use stainless steel for the Cathode (-) and a 1 oz Silver Bar for the Anode (+).
  • A current limiting diode to regulate current to 1.4 Milliamp or more
  • Silver wires or strips #10 gauge or larger
  • Distilled water
IMO, the following are the Best of Esstee. See this link for all of his expert messages:

Important Formulas:
1ppm = 1mg of Silver per Liter of solution
#12 AWG Silver Wire Current Calculation  Example by Estee

Supplier for pure silver wire, bars & strips
Cheap Silver Wire at Amazon.Com Link

HVAC (High Voltage AC) Silver vs LVDC (Low Voltage DC) Silver by Estee

Controlling the Current for tiny particle size
Current Limiting Diodes by Esstee
Diodes from Amazon.Com  Link
Where to buy the Diode by Esstee http://www.curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=2258964#i
Data Sheets for Diodes -
Current Rating of Generator by Esstee
The current rating is proportionate to your electrode size. More specifically your Anode(positive electrode). And the rule of thumb on this is typically 1mAh per/sq. inch of wetted electrode.
Grizz-My experience is that a 2 milliamp current limiting diode is perfect regardless of how large the silver Anode is. Less current = smaller ion size and takes longer to finish.

Problems when making Colloidal Silver

Color of the CS

How to Measure Your Colloidal Silver:
Hanna PWT meter to measure PPM - How to measure PPM. Correction factor = Multiply the reading by 1.2 and deduct the reading for the distilled water being used.
TDS Meters are not accurate to measure colloidal silver

PPM Overview
1 nanometer = .001 microns   
5 nanometers = .005 microns
15 nanometers = .015 microns  
100 nanometers =.1 microns
Bacteria 4 to 15 Microns
Virus = .01 Micron
Desired Ion/Particle Size = .0008 (0.8 nm) to .005 (5 nm)  Microns

Posted with the Permision of Author - Grizz